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I will elevate your brand's presence with story-driven images that put you at the heart of your business and make you stand out in a saturated market. 

AS A business owner myself...

I have experienced first-hand how much work goes into creating and marketing a successful business. Let me help you with one of the most daunting but important parts - brand imagery.

Brand imagery is you, in your element, creating as only you can. It’s photos of your products beautifully displayed next to the very hands that made them. These days many companies use stock imagery on their websites and social media accounts but it’s always, well, exactly that - boring, repetitive, lacking in creativity and personality. My focus is on brand photography that captures the essence of your business and your mission while curating them into a visual story that tells your clients exactly who you are and what you do better than the competition.

Remember, people buy from people.

What I do

How I do it

(As seen on TV!
Julia Child's famous
pegboard kitchen in Provence)


Not just another headshot

Even if you do have a million dollar smile, a single image of your face doesn’t speak to your clients in a creative way. The truth is, we all prefer to buy from people we trust and in order to build trust you need a storyboard of images that show off the personality and passion behind your product or service.

more than a product 

Businesses often focus on the finished product - the irresistible loaf of bread or the perfectly packaged makeup - but how it came to be is just as important. I will use artistic photography to tell your clients more about what goes into their new favourite item or service.


Tell me your story

It’s been proven that prospective clients usually interact with a brand at least seven times before deciding to purchase. That means you need content that speaks to them in multiple ways. I focus on giving you a gallery of impactful photos that tell a clear story about you and your business with a detailed action plan of how best to use them for maximum effect.


Let's talk 

I begin my creative process with a video call to discuss the goals for the project and strategies to set your images apart from the competition. I will then compile a storyboard to ensure we capture enough variety but also ensure continuity of your brand’s messaging.



Let's plan

Locations, outfits, lighting, props, products. It’s a lot to think of but with your input I’ll prepare a detailed running order for the shoot, keeping our storyboard and goals firmly in mind. 


Let's shoot

It’s time to put you and your business centre stage as we create imagery that your clients can connect with and relate to. You're a master of your craft and I aim to capture you in your element, producing visual messaging that tells the story of your life’s work.



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